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posted by Dan Spring

As this is my first attempt at blogging, I think I’ll start out by saying how excited I am to reconnect with the guys on the roster here.  As Ted mentioned in his first blog, Brendan, Flikke, Ted, and Whitey all coached me at various points in my career and I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a dugout with Tal and Bram as coaches in year’s past.   There is little doubt that these guys (and a few others not mentioned here) are the sole reason that I am a coach today and I’m thrilled to be involved in this endeavor.

To be honest, I know very little about blogs (and even less about writting them) but will try to be a regular contributor to the conversation here and encourage feedback on my posts from anyone who knows more than me about blogging (which is probably just about everyone).   Shoot me an email at CoachSpringBlog@yahoo.com.

For the record, I live in Los Angeles and coach in Palos Verdes (an LA suburb, if such a thing actually exists) and we are technically not in Orange County (great movie by the way), although Ted is right that it’s always warm here and we’ve only lost 1 or 2 days of baseball to rain in the last 5 years.  

– Spring

November 12, 2008 - Posted by | Overview / Background, written by Dan Spring

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