Ahead in the Count

We Are Lucky

While the economy is showing signs of recovering (or at the very at least stabilizing), non-profit organizations that rely almost entirely on donations are still struggling mightily.

Little Leagues, of course, fall into this category and today’s article on CNN reminded me of the notion that getting to play youth sports is a great privilege – and certainly not a right.


I feel it is extremely important for youth coaches, teachers, and parents to consistently remind kids that their time on the field should not be taken for granted and the very real possibility of entire leagues folding due to lack of donations can act as a very worthwhile teaching tool.

The silver lining to the economic meltdown that this country has experienced might very well be that we as a society start to appreciate all the little things that we once took for granted. If we can teach our kids to do the same, the next generation might act more responsibly (at least financially speaking) than we have.

June 9, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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